"The righteous stand before the darkness and the Maker shall guide their hand"
LELIANA - Dragon Age: Origins
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I'm a bit addicted to the Dragon Age series and Disney so basically I'll madly reblog everything I see about these two and if you have a blog or something about one of these let me know so I can follow and love you forever. <3
Well, of course here will be some others things about others games, books, comics, series and characters that I also like, including my own drawings but I'll probably post only a few of them because I'm a little lazy girl who makes one single drawing in every thousand years.
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    by Plaid-Rose

    I am gay.
    I’m not a disease, I’m not a problem
    I’m not an affliction
    I don’t need treatment.
    I don’t need help
    I’m not sick
    I’m not confused
    I’m not a sin.

    I am gay.
    I’m your daughter
    Your sister
    Your friend
    Your co worker
    Your classmate
    Your acquaintance
    A complete stranger

    I am gay.
    I need love, just like you
    I need smiles
    I need support
    I need a hug
    I need a friend
    I need a family
    I need acceptance
    I need understanding
    I need you

    I am gay.
    I know what love is
    I know what pain is
    I know what hate is
    I know what life is

    I am gay.
    And I need you to love me
    The same way you loved me before you knew

    I am gay.
    And I have experienced hate
    From more people than just you

    I am gay.
    And I wont change.
    I wont give up.
    I wont back down.
    I wont pretend.
    I wont lie.
    I wont deny.
    I wont hide.
    I wont hurt.

    I am gay.

    And that’s okay.

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  • zevranarinais:

    friendly reminder that the guy who voices this guy


    and this guy


    starred as fred in the scooby doo movies


    and i think that’s beautiful

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  • Hawke: *breathes near mages*
    Fenris: +9999999 Rivalry.
    Hawke: *breathes near templars*
    Anders: +9999999 Rivalry.
    Hawke: *breathes*
    Carver: +9999999 Rivalry.
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  • lotr meme: eight scenes (4/8)

    "My friends, you bow to no one"

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  • cudathedas:

Probably only one of these gentlemen will be a love interest. Thus the question - which one do you prefer? You can pick ONLY ONE ;]


    Probably only one of these gentlemen will be a love interest. Thus the question - which one do you prefer? You can pick ONLY ONE ;]

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  • femquisitor: i'll hit on cassandra. i just dont give a fuck
    cassandra: im straight
    femquisitor: get anders
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  • Inquisitor: Leliana, I need to speak with you.
    Leliana: Is something troubling you, Inquisitor?
    Inquisitor: Josephine has set up a diplomatic meeting with the new Arishock.
    Leliana: Do you need use of my agents?
    Inquisitor: No, no... I need to bring a peace offering. Apparently you know this Qunari, he once traveled with the Hero of Fereldan.
    Leliana: Ah. I know who you speak of. You will need not worry, I will take care of this.
    Inquisitor: Uh, what?
    Leliana: Trust me, Inquisitor. All will be well.
    The Arishok receives a shipment of cookies and a cute kitten with a note attached to it.
    The Inquisition gains an new ally.
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